Plumbing Problems Will Cost You More if You Delay Repair

Plumbing Problems Will Cost You More if You Delay RepairIf you’ve been putting off dealing with that leaky faucet on your to-do list, it’s time to call in a plumber to fix it for you. At Lakota Plumbing in Westminster, we advise all of our customers to take care of issues as soon as they’re discovered. In the end, you’ll save money because plumbing problems will cost you more if you delay repair. Let’s take a look at how a small leak can wreak havoc on your home.

At first, you notice a little water and just wipe it up. You think you’ve taken care of it. Then you notice it again. Now you know it’s a small plumbing leak, but you decide to put it off. You stick a bowl under that dripping pipe below the kitchen sink, close the cabinet door and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Now, you’re just wasting water. And you would probably be really surprised at how much.

In fact, according to the EPA Water Sense program, a single leak can add up to 10,000 gallons of wasted water per year. While you’re not spending money on actually fixing the problem, you’re now throwing money away every day that you put off repairs. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

A leak could be from a supply line or a drain pipe or maybe even a loose fitting. It’s not always easy to tell. It’s always better to call in the professionals than try to take care of it yourself. They can pinpoint the cause of the leak, fix it right away and you’ll be all set. This is important because a leak, even a small one, can provide enough moisture to start mold and mildew growth.

As everyone knows, mold and mildew are serious. They can cause major respiratory problems, allergies and other serious health issues. And mold remediation is both complicated and expensive.

Rotting wood is also a big concern with a leak. Water tends to spread just about everywhere. From the wood cabinets where the leak is under your sink, to adjoining cabinets and even down into your floor. Now, on top of money wasted on leaked water and dealing with potential mold-related issues, you take on the expense of having to replace a floor or cabinets. All because you kept meaning to do it yourself.

One final issue to be aware of is that a leak around the toilet seal or a backed-up sewer line might cause you to be exposed to raw sewage. Obviously, that’s a very serious problem. This type of exposure could easily and quickly create serious health issues for you and your family.

Leaky pipes or faucets should never be ignored. You could end up with a bigger problem, major home repair and even serious health issues. Because plumbing problems will cost you more if you delay repair, save money now by calling Lakota Plumbing in Westminster. We serve the Denver metro area and will help you with leaks, drips and anything else going on with your plumbing.

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