Keep Your Sump Pump in Good Working Order

Keep Your Sump Pump in Good Working OrderHeavy rains and bad drainage mean you need to keep your sump pump in good working order to keep your basement dry. Lakota Plumbing in Westminster can check your sump pump to make sure it’s functioning properly or install one for you.

A sump pump is great because when the rain starts falling or the snow melts, you can feel confident that you will have a dry basement, but you need to make sure it is in good shape to get the job done. Some people forget that a sump pump needs maintenance from time to time. It needs to be inspected, cleaned and maintained regularly.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your sump pump in good working order:


Our plumbers at Lakota Plumbing can come inspect your sump pump and let you know if it is functioning properly. This is important because finding out it isn’t working when you have a problem may be too late. Be proactive, then when the rain comes you know your basement will not be flooded.

After our initial inspection, you can check it every week or so to make sure it is still working.  One way to do this is to slowly pour water into your sump pit and see if it starts up automatically. If it does, you’re good to go.

Clean and Maintain

If your sump pump has been used, over time it gets mud, leaves, pebbles and other bits of stuff in it. If you let this debris gather, it can create a clog and cause premature shutoff of the pump or standing water in your basement. When you’re cleaning the filter, just go ahead and completely clean the entire pump and pit.

After you’ve cleaned the filter, you should unplug the sump pump and disconnect the drain line, and take them both outside. Use a garden hose to flush out all the debris and clogs. Then go ahead and flush the entire unit with water.

Before you put it back together, clean the sump pit. Make sure you take off anything that might clog the drain line. When the pump is reconnected, pour some water into the pit and check to see if the sump pump comes on.

Battery Replacement

Another thing to remember is that some sump pumps have a backup battery. Check your owner’s manual and don’t forget to replace the batteries. Sometimes heavy rains and electrical failures go hand in hand. If this happens, your battery backup could save your basement.

This procedure for routine maintenance will help prolong the life of your sump pump. But even the best cared for sump pumps eventually wear out. In fact, most sump pumps will have to be replaced about every seven years. That’s why an inspection by a professional plumber is important. You don’t want to wait until you have an emergency to find out that your old sump pump has failed.

You need to keep your sump pump in good working order so you’re ready when the heavy rain and snow melt comes. To keep your basement dry, let our plumbing experts at Lakota Plumbing in Westminster check your sump pump to make sure it’s functioning well or install a new one for you, so you are always ready.