What Causes Water Pressure Problems?

What Causes Water Pressure Problems?When you take a shower, you don’t want a weak stream of water from low water pressure. But high water pressure can cause plumbing damage. So what causes water pressure problems and how can you fix it? Our plumbers here at Lakota Plumbing in Westminster know how to address all water pressure issues and can even identify when there’s a bigger problem. Let’s take a look at some of the more common things you might encounter.

Low Water Pressure

If you hear a faint whistling sound coming from your faucets or your notice the water coming from the faucets are not a full stream, you probably have low water pressure.

Using a water pressure gauge, the water pressure can be tested. If it shows that your water pressure is under 30 psi, it is considered low and you need a plumber to help fix it. There are a few things that can be causing your low pressure.

  • Water Leak

You may have a leak. A leaking pipe can cause your water pressure to drop. It also increases your water bill, wastes water and could be causing major damage to your home or business.

You can easily get an idea if there may be a leak. Read your water meter. Turn off all your water usage like faucets, washing machines and even you ice maker for two hours. Then read the water meter again. If the water meter increased without any water on in the house, you probably have a leak.

  • Restriction in the Pipes

If you don’t have a leak, what causes water pressure problems could be a restriction in the pipes. This can be caused by a mineral buildup from hard water. Sometimes buried pipes can cave in and that creates a big blockage. When you call us, our plumbers will use a camera to find out where the blockage is located.

  • External Causes

Occasionally, your low water pressure may be due to your town’s water system. We can help you fix that too by installing a pressure tank, we can raise the pressure of the water. It’s most common to use pressure tanks with well water systems, but they can work wherever more water pressure is needed.

High Water Pressure

On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe your water is coming out too hard. That could be too high of water pressure. The problem with high water pressure is that it causes a strain on your pipes which over time can cause your pipes and fittings to fail.

If you hear a loud kind of thumping sound when you turn your faucet off, that could be a sign of high water pressure. Again, using the pressure gauge, we’ll look for a water pressure over 80 psi to determine if your water pressure is too high.

So, what causes water pressure problems like this? Location is a big factor. If you’re located at the bottom of a hill, water traveling through city pipes has increased pressure of gravity. Also, if your home or business is located next to a large building with major water needs, it can cause you to have excessive water pressure. This can be alleviated by installing a pressure regulator on your main line.

Too high or too low of water pressure can be a problem. Our plumbers at Lakota Plumbing in Westminster can help you find out what causes water pressure problems and fix it. Contact us or give us a call, and we’ll send our plumbers over. It’s always a good idea to handle plumbing problems right away before they snowball into a bigger, more expensive repair.