Hiring a Licensed Plumber vs. Unlicensed Plumber

Hiring a Licensed Plumber  vs. Unlicensed Plumber You know you need a plumber, but you don’t know if licensed vs. unlicensed plumber matters. It does. Lakota Plumbing in Westminster knows all too well that plumbing done incorrectly can be a danger to you and your family, cause property damage and can get unnecessarily expensive. A licensed professional is a must. You should always ask up front if the plumber is licensed, bonded and insured.

According to www.buildipedia.com website, a plumbing license is a certificate showing that a plumber has had appropriate education and training, and legal permission to provide plumbing services in your area. A licensed plumber is also held accountable to the regulatory board that gives the license and can be held liable for violating its rules. Many licenses require continuing education to keep the license. These controls over the profession keep the consumer safe.

Of course, all licensing requirements vary from state to state. But in general, plumbing requires a highly specialized skills in math, mechanics, manual dexterity, and sharp problem-solving abilities. They also spend thousands of hours working in plumbing apprenticeships so they can learn the best methods and practices for dealing with every type of plumbing repairs and installations.

After the apprentice plumbers finish their specialized plumbing training, they must then apply for a professional license from the state’s board or regulatory agency for licensing. In most states in order to get a plumbing license they must; pass a criminal background check, complete any additional prerequisite training, pass the licensing exam, file a business name, and have commercial liability insurance.

If you hire an unlicensed plumber, none of these protections are available to you. Whether or not they have had the necessary training to install plumbing correctly and follow code will be a mystery. Some states feel so strongly about protecting the consumer that it is illegal to hire an unlicensed plumber. Hiring someone who does not know what they are doing can be a danger, causing injury, illness, and possible property damage.

As mentioned earlier a good plumber should also be both bonded and insured to protect both you and the plumber from unforeseen costs and damages. You can confirm this by asking to see proof of the plumber’s commercial liability insurance and a surety bond before hiring them.

It is important for the plumber to have commercial liability insurance because occasionally problems do occur. Liability insurance will help cover claims related to property damage or bodily injury.

When the liability insurance doesn’t pay it all, the plumbers surety bond can cover any additional expenses.

In addition to understanding why it is important to hire a licensed vs. unlicensed plumbers, Lakota Plumbing in Westminster recommends asking for references and checking their credentials.

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Plumber

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional PlumberYou have a leaking toilet or a clogged pipe, here are five reasons you should hire a professional. Lakota Plumbing in Westminster has had to fix too many fix-it-yourself disasters.

Your Personal safety
You and your families personal safety are the most important reason to hire a professional plumber. Plumbing is serious business, and you can avoid trouble by not attempting to do it yourself. You really need the proper training and skill to solve plumbing problems successfully.

A Quicker resolution
You often think you can solve the problem in a short amount of time, but in reality, most jobs very quickly become bigger than you can handle and take a lot more time than you thought it would. A professional plumber can take care of the issue and stop the leaks and clogs and other problems that might have caused you more trouble if you haven’t taken care of it quickly.

It’s Done Correctly
It’s so embarrassing to mess up a job and then have to call a professional plumber. Just start with a professional plumber and you can be assured the plumbing issue is taken care of correctly the first time. This also prevents unexpected problems from popping up because it was done wrong.

Prevents worsening problems
Some plumbing troubles can only be diagnosed by a professional plumber. You may be attempting to fix an issue when the problem is something totally different. A professional plumber can figure out the real problem and solve it before you make it worse and then you’ve got two problems.

Saves Money
Leaking plumbing can cost you in higher water bills. They also have all the tools and supplies and will save you from trying to purchase those things. Professional plumbers often purchase buy many things from plumbing suppliers and warehouses, which can also save you money.

Lakota Plumbing in Westminster also notes that hiring a professional plumber may help prevent property damage. Broken pipes and sewer backups can often cause massive damage. So pay attention to the five reasons you should hire a professional plumber and be safe.